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How much importance do you give to the water you drink every day?

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Ionized alkalized Kangen Water® has 3 properties:

Kangen Water™ is alkalized and anti-oxidant ionized water with a molecuar cluster structure that is reduced by two thirds making it extremely hydrating and detoxifying (hexagonal structure).

#1 Alkalized

The water pH is electronically raised gaining an alkalized quality, which neutralizes acid wastes and helps remove toxins, bringing the body back into homeostasis. (alkaline balance)

#2 Anti-Oxidant

The water is restructured creating a large mass of free electrons which prevent the oxidation of healthy tissues caused by free oxygen radicals. (High negative ORP - means: Oxidation-Reduction Potential)

#3 Hexagonal / Micro-Clustered

The water's molecular structure is reduced by two-thirds making it extremely hydrating and detoxifying. (hexagonal structure)

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Finest High Quality Water Ionizers Handmade in Osaka, Japan.

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